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Club News - 2024 Season

Club Improvements 2023

This year has been busy, we have had the courts  professionally cleaned and re-painted and now they look so much better and will be far less slippery in damp weather. In fact the courts immediately after heavy rain are  not at all slippery and are free of puddles!  


The court perimeter is now clear and we will keep the perimeter free of weeds and spray  moss & algae killer over the courts periodically; this will improve the life of the courts.   


After discussion at the AGM, an economic decision was taken not to repair the broken floodlights for the time bsing, but these can be repaired if required in the future. 


The pavilion has had a new lease of life given to it by fitting a new ridge to the roof  which has stopped the roof leaking, the cladding and windows on the North & South gable ends were too rotten for repair and so new cladding and windows were  professionally fitted. 


Some Club Members applied a vast amount of preservative to the rest of the pavilion cladding which fortunately did not need replacement as it was not so exposed to the weather. Many thanks to those volunteers who did a great job!

Coaching News

Encouraged by the excellent coaching delivered in 2022, two further sessions were held in April this year.  

The first was a doubles tactics revision session, the second was devoted to developing technical skills.  The sun god was kind and good weather prevailed.  The coaching was again led by the knowledgeable Richard Drewer and Mike Hillier.

Valuable tips and advice were passed on in an enjoyable atmosphere, which should see a marked improvement in performance of all participants.  

All our thanks go to Richard and Mike who were so generous with their time.

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